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Self care tips

I’m sure you’ve all heard people preaching on about self care over the last couple of years more-so than previously. It is also something that I am really trying to practice and implement into my day to day routine. We are all so adamant to fit other things into our lives and need to understand the importance of looking after ourselves too.  The best way to try and start implementing self care is looking at things you already enjoy and by starting with 5-10 minutes of self care a day.  Some self care activities I like to do are as follows:  - Reading - you probably all knew that one was coming as I post about books I’ve read but it is such a good escape from everything as you get lost in the stories of others.  - Podcasts - these are a more relatively new additional to my life but they are such good company for long drives or for going on walks. I will do a post about some podcasts I am loving!  - Music - music is something we all have access to and as the previous points also ment

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