A DNF and a can’t put down

I’m that person who will make myself finish a book regardless of how hard I may find it. This year that has changed - I am not wasting time on books I am not enjoying! 

I started ‘Finlay Donovan is killing it’ and I really wanted to love it because there was such a hype but I struggled so much! I found it really slow and so unrealistic that I couldn’t connect with it on any level. It came to a point where it was a chore and normally I would of forced myself to continue but I really wanted to enjoy reading and escape. It has come to a point where I have currently put this book to the back of my pile for now to try and find something I get lost in. 

Now let’s talk about a book that I could not put down! If you read my recent post you will know psychological thrillers have become a new favourite so I tested another one to see my thoughts and it did not disappoint. 

That Night - Gillian McAllister *

Do you really think you’d do anything to protect your family? Well this book quite literally puts that thought to the test. Nothing has ever made me think so deeply about my relationships with my sister and rest of the family, to the level that this book does. 

My quick recap/synopsis 

There’s being close to your siblings and then there is working together and living in cottages next to each other. Is there a thing as too close? 

When you go on a family holiday and get a call from your sister to say she needs your help, you go running to protect her. This leads to a cover up, lies, tension, fall outs and let’s just say this starts the ball rolling of not knowing where to stop. But it has to end eventually right? So who cracks first?

I loved this book so much and could not put it down. If you are anything like me you will be constantly shaking your head and thinking ‘what are you doing’ throughout most of the book as you get so invested into the characters own personal stories. The second half of the book, when the plot really thickened, was definitely when it became ‘unputdownable’. 

Have you read either of these and what were your thoughts? x 

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