January Birchbox

Maybe I was oblivious but I did not know you could gift Birchbox subscriptions?! My friend gifted me a 3 month subscription and it has been incredible and introduced me to so many incredible brands and products. I am going to talk through what was included in my January box and will do an updated post later on once I’ve tried out all of this goodness to enable me to give an honest review!

The first thing that grabs your attention when you open this box is the long handle Turtle Bag(?). If you are also questioning what a turtle bag is, it is basically a tote bag but one that is good for the environment! You can use it for shopping, storing produce or taking your lunch to work but it is organic, made of natural fibres, is ethical, practical and biodegradable! I don’t know why but I am imagining people getting their fresh fruit and veg in this! 

Next up we have the Balance Me beauty sleep hyaluronic mist. This is something I am genuinely going to try because my sleep through this whole pandemic has been awful! The mist does include hyaluronic acid, chamomile, lavender and CBD oil. 

We then have the Arrow under eye brightening serum. I feel as though this product links with the previous perfectly because when you aren’t sleeping you need anything to help you look more awake in the morning and this sounds like it can do just that! It’s filled with squalane, ginseng and caffeine so should give those under eyes the boost they need! 

Hair masks are something I am really trying to add into my routine more but the concept of leaving them on for a while to soak in seems really impractical to me. However this one sounds incredible and the fact it is papaya and coconut just makes me think of summer! The Newseed Rise and Shine Papaya hair mask sounds incredible and is supposed to detangle hair and nourish the ends! If I close my eyes I might think I’m abroad! 

Up next we have the Greenfrog natural shower gel. This looks so interesting because it is completely clear with no colouring but is enriched with verbena, bergamot and citrus fruits which sounds amazing! It is supposed to cleanse the skin and really moisturise which is perfect for this cold weather. 

The last product is getting me ready for a holiday in the sun! The Polaar fragrance free sun lotion with SPF 50+! We all want to fight premature aging and protect our skin against all the UVA and UVB rays. I am always so intrigued with sun creams as I hate it to feel really thick and sticky on the skin, so I’ll keep you updated with this one!! 

Something I love about the Birchbox’s is the fact that you get introduced to so many new brands you have never heard of before. I have not heard of any of these brands before or tried them out so I am so excited to get testing and hopefully finding some new favourites! 

Have you tried Birchbox or other subscription boxes before?x 


  1. What a really lovely idea! I didn't know much about Birchbox before reading this post so thanks for the info. I like the variety of things that are included, I'd find that really exciting if I got them!

    1. It is so exciting, it’s like a little surprise every time it arrives!


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