New Year - BA Paris The Therapist

A goal for last year was to rekindle my love for reading and I definitely read more last year than I had in previous years combined. It’s that perfect activity to enable you to escape reality and transport you into a whole new world. I try not to set New Years resolutions but this is definitely something I want to carry with me into this new year. 

Let’s talk genres, I am a sucker for a typical girly, rom-com, easy-read but last year really pushed me to explore new genres and I was pleasantly surprised. I followed along with an online bookclub and always looked at the recommendations or current reads of fellow readers and was inspired to test out some new genres and explore some new worlds. 

Psychological thrillers are a relatively new genre for me and I think they could be becoming my favourite. I've read a few now and love the suspense that authors manage to create through just the power of words. I understood it before in films because there's visuals and numerous other aspects that can add to the suspense but this is just something else. 

BA Paris The Therapist*

Whilst flicking through bookstagram stories I came across The Therapist by BA Paris and the blurb sold me instantly. Never have I ever wanted to turn the pages more quickly, I was on the journey with the characters and I wanted answers. 

Here is my brief summary:

Alice and Leo buy their first place together in a gated community for an absolute steal but surely there would need to be a reason for this? A murder/suicide occurred in the house and Leo didn’t think this was a fact that Alice needed to know before moving in. When the rest of the community think that she knows about it, it is bound to come out eventually and surely she would have some questions. 

With the help of a private investigator/detective Alice takes a deep dive into finding out who was the murderer and who the previous owner of her 'dream home' really was. In amongst this game of murder mystery, she is also trying to unmask who her husband really is because it turns out the murder of the previous owner wasn’t the only thing he was hiding.

This book has many twists and turns and has you quite literally questioning everyone for if they would be capable of murder. 

Have you read any psychological thrillers? Leave them below x

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