The Minute I Saw You - Paige Toon

Can you fall in love at first sight? It’s a debate that splits people and this book once again challenges this question.

The Minute I Saw You - Paige Toon*

I have never finished a book quite so fast, this book is a beautiful love story that also tackles some more serious topics. There are plot twists, skeletons in closets and a whole lot of ups and downs but I wish I could reread it for the first time again. 

‘If I thought I was going to stop thinking about him, I was wrong’.


When Sonny and Hannah meet, a spark is lit and they are drawn to each other but things stand in their way along with their determination not to fall in love. They have both experienced significant heartbreak and Hannah’s stay is only temporary but surely that’s perfect for two people who don’t do long term. 

The characters are portrayed perfectly. Hannah is the type of girl that you could just imagine getting on with straight away, whilst Sonny grows on you so much and you truly become invested in their journey. They have both had difficult life’s for separate reasons and they all contribute to how they handle their current being. 

‘Sometimes Hannah’…‘I think you and I are so damaged that being together might be the worst thing we could possibly do to each other’.

This book has secrets left right and centre and tackles some of the challenging topics that some authors stay well clear of. We delve into a journey of mental health which is paramount to the story whilst also talking about the importance (or should I say, not so importance) of sex in a relationship. 

‘However unstable you may feel at times, you never unsteady me’.

You truly go on the whole journey with Hannah and Sonny and explore and unpack their past traumas and reasonings for being ‘broken’. This wasn’t what I was expecting for this book but it exceeded every expectation and I am most certainly recommending it to everyone I know. 

I now need more Paige Toon books for my collection. Have you read any? x 

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  1. I haven't heard of this book before, but it does sound interesting. I also like that it does focus on more serious topics like mental health


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