The ultimate Welsh refresh

Sometimes all we need is a chance to switch off from everything - no phone service, no need for a car and just the opportunity to walk and explore your surroundings and be at peace. 

There’s just something about being somewhere that gives you the ultimate opportunity to switch off and detach yourself from everything. Life can sometimes seem overwhelming and being able to reflect and take some time for yourself is so valuable and yet something a lot of us don’t practice enough. 

I recently went and explored an area of Wales called Fairbourne. We had accommodation by the beach and just went around exploring and seeing what Fairbourne had to offer. 

We visited Blue Pool up in the mountain which you used to be able to swim in but the entrance has now sadly been filled with slate due to people littering - it still boasts a lovely view. 

We also visited Barmouth which you can access via walking, boat, train or car. We got the train as the weather was slightly unpredictable so didn’t fancy the walk. It is a lovely little seaside town with shops, pubs, an arcade/amusement park and rides and a lovely beach. 

Goodness knows how many steps I must have gotten in this week.

We spent time playing games, walking and exploring, reading, having bbq’s, listening to music and just spending quality time with everyone. A week of no TV, WiFi, work or outside factors - it was bliss. Don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday abroad with all the extras and luxury bits but it was the perfect refresh. 

As you can imagine the sea would not be warm at that time of year and in Wales but the sea was so far out there was so much beach to play on. We played rounders, frisbee and all sorts and it truly reminded me of being a kid again and having no cares in the world. 

The UK has so many beautiful places to offer which I think we sometimes forget about. We automatically just think of heading abroad for a holiday but I can honestly say I had just as much of a good time in Wales and now want to see what other hidden gems there are in the UK!

What sort of holidays do you prefer? X 

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