A Mamma Mia! Evening

Outdoor cinemas have been doing the rounds again, now the weather has started to pick up. I had been to one before to see The Greatest Showman which was great but when I saw Mamma Mia was being shown I knew this was my sisters idea of heaven and we had to go. 

Picnic in the Park was the newest venture where music was played beforehand, there were food stands and the option for chairs/beanbags. 

These evenings are perfect for so many different occasions and age ranges. Myself and my sister went with our mum and family friends and took a picnic and some Prosecco and it was lovely. Whilst there we saw hen parties, elderly groups, families… it is just perfect for everyone. 

My favourite part had to be when the songs in the film were playing and everyone got up, danced and sang and just forgot about anything else and everyone just merged as one. 

I am now keeping my eyes peeled for when the next movies are being shown because it is such a great and different way to spend an evening! 

Have you been to one of these events before? X 

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  1. I adore Mamma Mia and it sounds like you had an amazing time! x

    Lucy Mary


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