Beach Read Review

Do you ever buy a book purely because you had seen it everywhere on Bookstagram and BookTok? I’ve fell into that trap several times and sometimes it has paid off and other times I have been disappointed. So, I was apprehensive but I still went ahead and took the plunge. 

I’m a sucker for a romcom but Beach Read* just felt different. Yes, it’s a quick-easy-read-romance but it is also so much more. 

When two polar-opposite, rival writers that went to college together happen to end up in neighbouring beach houses for a period of time, things just happen to carry on from where they left off…but maybe just go a bit further than they ever imagined. 

January is a romance writer whereas Gus is a more serious, dark literary writer. They view the world in opposite ways and they make a bet to write in the others genres and to show that that other side of the world does exist. 

The rivalry and ever-developing relationship between January and Gus is something I couldn’t get enough of and watching them come round and open themselves up to each other as well as their opposing views of the world, was just beautiful. 

They do delve into their individual pasts and unravel complicated and painful histories which inspire their separate books in very different ways. Beach Read takes you on a journey of them both finding aspects of peace within their time together whilst facing some additional obstacles along the way. 

Rating: 5 stars 

—— Note, that there are more serious topics discussed to including adultery, cancer and difficult childhoods ——

Have you read Beach Read or have any further recommendations? 

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