Jojo Moyes Trilogy

“You make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine.”

As I have mentioned time and time before… I am a sucker for romance and if you manage to add some humour into it, then I am even more sold. This Jojo Moyes trilogy ticks all of these boxes as well as having me sobbing!!


Lets delve into storylines and my thoughts 

Me Before You

You cannot not love Lou Clarke! She is hilarious, charming and a little bit awkward but it makes her so real and relatable. 

The story focuses on Lou who is in need of a job and Will who needs a carer, as he was left paralysed and can’t move or feel anything below his torso. He seems stand-off-ish and doesn’t want to let people in, despite Lou’s charm. His aim now is to get to Switzerland to end his suffering but Lou cannot stand by and let this happen so takes it upon herself to change his outlook and quality of life, with her bumblebee tights and all(!) Their relationship starts to blossom and is told in such a way that warms your heart and you truly feel the emotions. 

I will pre-warn you, upon finishing the book I was in floods of tears!!

“You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.”

After you

As the title says this book follows the life of Lou after Will’s death and how she struggles to carry on. This book tackles grief and phobia and how the loss of Will affects so many  characters in so many different ways. It discusses how peoples processes of healing may not always align and this can cause difficulties of its own. 

Lou discovers something new about Will following his death, which is that he has a daughter, Lily. She makes contact with Lou and wants to know everything about her Dad. As you can imagine this reveals emotions and issues of its own, especially when Lily decides to move in with Lou. 

Throughout this book new relationships are found and the slow rediscovery of the Lou we knew from Me Before You begins. There are job interviews abroad, moving on circles, incidents and new connections. 

“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.”

Still Me

Lou in New York?!?! The real question is, is New York ready for Lou Clarke! 

Lou leaves for a job in NYC, working for a wealthy family with an old friend and leaves her life in England behind not without challenges of course. Lou has to leave her new boyfriend behind and although they agreed to try a long distance relationship when Lou crosses paths with someone who reminds her of Will, what do you do? Especially when her new boyfriend is able to see these similarities himself.

This trilogy was everything I wanted and it was one that for me, kept the momentum throughout all of the individual books. It took me on the journey with the characters and made me feel all the emotions, I laughed and cried along with the characters. 

Have you read this trilogy? X 

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