Skegness Stays

Skegness has a bit of a reputation but honestly I used to go quite a bit when I was a child and have so many memories embedded into that place that a visit this year brought all of those back. 

We wanted a quick little weekend break that wasn’t too far away in the car and didn’t cost the world, so we relived our childhood once more. We wanted the ultimate chill and ended up with no phone service, no WiFi so board games, films and quality time was the agenda. 

We stayed at a place called Chapel Saint Leonards in a caravan and it was perfect because it was 3 minutes walk from the beach and it was a dog friendly beach so our pup had the best time!! We could also walk to Fantasy Island and were only a 10 minute drive into main Skegness and the famous Butlins!

Let’s talk Fantasy Island - I have not been to a theme park or on any kind of rollercoaster/ride for years so when I saw rollercoasters everywhere I was so excited. Me and my sister went on a couple of the rides and it was so fun to just let go and be in the moment. You had to use cards to go on the rides which you could load money onto and what was good is if you know which rides you want to go on and how much they are, you can load the exact amount on. 

There was also lots of shops and a market too which had loads of food stalls, clothes and accessories shops, toy shops, etc. 

Let’s go Skegness - We drove to Skegness as it was a 10 minute drive and there were loads of parking places available. There were loads of pubs and food places to choose from too with options to take in dogs. There was also Skegness pier with loads of rides, donut and ice cream stalls. 

A highlight and something so simple that I loved was going to the arcade - 2p machines you have a hold over us! My sister was obsessed with getting tokens so a nightly trip to arcade became a thing.

It was dog heaven as so many places allow you to take dogs in and have dog friendly beaches, so if you are looking for a holiday with a furry friend it is perfect! X

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  1. Although I haven’t a clue where this is located, it reminds me of a place I went to as a kid. Unfortunately it resembles something quite different now. Thanks for sharing about this.


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